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How To Look After Rias

This week: Kura kura PA!

6 May 1986
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I am Ria, the Great and Glorious Queen of the Universe.
I'm in my third year at Oxford Brookes in England, which is my year abroad, which means I am actually in Japan atm.
More specifically, I am in Nagoya, which is South-ish, between Osaka and Tokyo.
I go to 名古屋外国語大学 (Nagoya University of Foreign Studies), which is a massively cool Uni.
I wish I'd brought more shoes with me.
That is all.

"Gary, you can't blame yourself for what gorillas did."
"Don't worry, being eating by a crocodile is like going to sleep. In a blender."
"I don't understand... when I was a kid I never would've stolen a foot."
"Danny! Danny! Can you push the door?"
"I would like to take advantage of your baby prison."
"So. I notice that your home smells like faeces."
"Despite their popularity, Franz Ferdinand were actually responsible for the First World War."
"Aagh! I'd rather this was Brandon."
"You just threw cheese at Sam and Mark! Don't you think they've been through enough?!"
"You're welcome. Now sing, manbaby!"
"But it's what your finger wants you to eat."
"Attention please, shoppers. Outside this afternoon we have a cripple fight."
"I've got some lovely pictures of swans here for you."
"Ja, why is the top down? I'm fucking freezing."
"Unfortunately, I suffer from a birth defect where I can't walk through glass."
"Did you want him to steal my anal virginity?"
"The averagely popular Scot [Nicky Campbell] journeys to the centre of the Atlantic
to frolic beneath the waves with household cats in their unnatural environment."
"Because I'm JESUS."
"But you're not the Frog Queen Of Snwod!"
"Watashi no kaban wa forgotted desu."
"I wish I /could/ give someone a present inside the hollowed out corpse of a baby."
"Of course it hurt! It's got blood and stuff in it!"
"Look at that cripple with the flag!"
"You might be surprised by Human Mutants in an hour."
"Ok here's a summary of the book - amazing. I might buy another one
of these books so I can wear one around my neck. I read passages to
my family when they are feeling down, ill, or just if I am feeling
generous. I go to hospitals and read passages to the sick and elderly
to give them hope for the future." [Amazon review of football book]
"Let's have an ice cream!"
"Do you like what you see?"
"Kura kura pa CHIGAU!"
"Eating plastic gives you cancer, right?"
"You'll never get anywhere if you're nice to them. Call them a bunch of faggots!"
"You are not Chinese! You cannot ride panda!"
"Is that a penis?"
"I'm pretty sure it's impossible to fall off these chairs."
"Kanpai, that's what I heard!!"
"I can feel a scrotum being drawn..."
"Why is Lana a ball-sack?"
"Your major is Japanese? ...HA HA HA HA HAAA!"
"I have herpes da yo."
"Tourettes up your arse!"

Satan Misha update :: I have no idea. Probably sleeping.

Coming home in 40 days!!!

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