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Today, I have mostly been doing orienteering.

Orientation 1 was fun. In the morning, Group A (the best, naturally) sat in a classroom at the top of four flights of stairs (I HATE STAIRS) and sorted through a bunch of papers, including our computer passwords, so I can FINALLY go online in my bedroom, where I am now. I stole a wireless router from upstairs and plugged it in outside my door. Mwah ha.

Today was good. After this paper-ish fun, we had three hours to wander round. This naturally meant finding somewhere to sit down and eat. We picked the canteen that didn't have stairs. This was called JU. Ju indeed. NUFS is the most stunningly perfect campus I have ever seen. Ever. Everything is brand new and clean and shiny, and just fantastic in general. There are three enormous plasma TVs hanging off the ceiling in JU playing Japanese MTV. I already know where I will be having luch everyday. Then upstairs in a 'bakery' called Pasco, the ultra-shiny gym is next door, and the other buildings are only a few staircases away. One of the buildings has an AMAZING view across some very dense forest into the huge University 'opposite', which begins with 'A', and there are mountains on the horizon. Real mountains! You can also see the 'big wheel', which lights up at night (Elliot and I saw it in the dark from the airport bus).

NUFS. Is. So. Cool.

More horrifying news - I actually WANT to get my notes out and start revising. Aaaaghhh! Where is the real Ria!?

Made more Japanese friends too. Mamiko and Nami, who are both incredibly cool and adorable. They're only 18, which makes them excessively hyper, especially Mamiko. She really ought to be committed. Their English wasn't incredibly good, and my Japanese is hilarious, so we drew lots of pictures when neither of us knew what the other was talking about.

I bought a drink and sat down with them, and they started making cute Japanese noises and demanding to know why I'd bought this particular carton. The following dialogue was in Japlish, so I have made it English for ease of comprehension.

RIA: I like apples.

MAMIKO: It's not apples.

RIA: I like apple JUICE.

MAMIKO: It's not apple juice.

RIA: What the hell is it!?

MAMIKO: Jayree.

RIA: ...Jayree.

MAMIKO: Jayree.

RIA: What the hell is Jayree?

MAMIKO: [gets electronic dictionary out] Jayree!

RIA: ...Jelly?!

Who DRINKS jelly?! Why would they sell jelly as a drink? With a /straw/?! Somewhat disturbed, I memorised the work for jelly, and now have made mental notes concerning the purchase of suspect drinkables. I.e., don't buy them if it's jelly.

Then we all went to one of the computer rooms to change all of our passwords. The man leading this incredibly easy task was so funny... he said "I'm not a Japanese teacher, or an English teacher. I teach German!" And he spoke English with a German accent! It was so hilariously strange, whenever he spoke Elliot started laughing. And he kept throwing random German words into his explanations. It was the coolest thing.

I finished really quickly because a) it wasn't difficult, and b) everybody else thought it was. Tomohiro-san came and checked on me, and he said I was wonderful. :D Elliot is jealous. But then, he'll be the one laughing when class starts.

My bite is grim. Have I mentioned yet how much it has grown? Well it has, and it's deeply unpleasant. If we weren't going to the City tomorrow to register as Aliens, then I'd go to the (free) doctors and command to know what was wrong with me. Matt tried to cheer me up my showing me the deadly growth on his knee, but that only repulsed me.

Yes, Alien registration tomorrow. When our cards come through in about three weeks, I'll be able to buy a mobile phone, and do other fun things. Our student card is here, and it works like a debit card in all the campus shops. :D It's so cool, despite listing my birthday as '61. Hmm.

Fun fun fun! On Saturday, Elliot, Gucci-san and I are going to the airport. He needs to collect his suitcase, I need to change my flight dates, and Gucci needs to translate. Might owe her another present for that. I'm feeling quite tired this evening - it's nearly 10pm. I go sleep soon. I actually ate vegetables for dinner!

OOPS, I just remembered I've left part of my fridge sitting in the kitchen. It's what I thought was the vegetable tray, but all my vegetables FROZE on it, so I had to use them all with my old chicken. I'd better go and get that in a minute. I downloaded Skype today, but I still don't have a headset, so I can't actually talk to anyone yet.

My god, I just glanced at my arm. It looks bad.

I'm going to get my fridge, than I'm going to put a cold flannel on my diseased limb.
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