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Three hour long lectures should be abolished as of NOW.

Take my three hour fun fest this morning. I sat in there for the first forty minutes, which passed largely without incident, until I suddenly became incredibly tired, and it became necessary to put my coat on with the hood up and slump over the desk with my eyes shut. This led to a somewhat comatose state of being, in which I slept soundly for ten minutes, before waking up to hear Dinosaur Man talking about hospitals.

Nida, who was sitting next to me, had her eyes open, but was definitely asleep too. I don't know what it is about the Government and Politics of the USA that is so deeply boring that just discussing it makes me want to die, but it's there.

So when we got given a break at about 2.10pm, Nida and I packed our bags and escaped whilst Dinosaur Man was distracted. I walked to the very bottom of the library and hid in a study carrel, where you can sleep without interruption for several hours. Unless of course Karlie texts you and the noise from your phone in the otherwise deathly silence makes you WEE in terror.

Went to the Student Union and got my new NUS card. It is green. And for some unknown reason, they cut the photos so small that the only thing you can see is my inflated face (and by face I mean my eyes, nose and a small amount of forehead). Vaguely annoying.

What else.


Halloween Parteh! Because Mary is a malnourished wench00r, she is trying to wriggle out of coming, with her stupid "I have a 9am lecture" ruse. So? I have a 9am lecture the next day. I'm just not going to it.

There are still 10 minutes left of the lecture I should be in. And another hour before my next one starts. Karlie has gone to Maxwell's to beg for a job and abandoned me.

B O R E D.

This morning while I was driving in, I realised my door was open. This isn't good thing to realise whilst you're speeding on the motorway. I had to pull over onto the hard shoulder, but once I was on that, I had to brake really hard to avoid running into a huge piece of plastic that was just lying there.

Which meant I had to get out of the car.

Whilst doing so, my shoe fell off.

How the hell do you get your shoe back off the motorway without dying horribly in the process? Luckily it rolled into my back wheel, so I got it back on and went and threw the offending piece of plastic into the ditch. The sheep were watching me. Got back in the car and eventually got to the Park and Ride without dying.

The Park and Ride was full. Accept for one space that wasn't reeeally a space, but the man said I could park there and I wasn't gonna say no. Sigh.

Parents and the Faris went to the caravan on Saturday because it's half term. Because dad is going to Milan today, they had to come back, but are disappearing again on Thursday. I get the distinct impression that none of them want to go back. I don't blame them. I have never been to this caravan, but the idea of it is in general unappealing.

I'm really thirsty. What I'd really like is a mint chocolate chip frappuccino from Starbucks. It is tradition to steal a mug from Starbucks whenever you go. Well, I say tradition, but I've only stolen two so far. Trouble is, once you've stolen one from somewhere, you have to remember not to go there again. Which isn't usually a problem, since there are about 95 of them in Oxford.

OMG I am so thirsty.

Hasn't this been a fascinating update? Maybe I'll do another one within the next month. :P
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