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Life, the Universe and Ria

Greetings my absent friends.

Since I am sitting behind a computer for the first time in months, I thought I might make the effort to update my poor neglected livejournal. (For those of you who have forgotten I exist, my name is Ria, and you love me. You also want to send me all of your money.)

Here is an exciting recap of the last few months. -_-


- Turned 19.
- Finished first year at University.
- Quit Sainsbury's, went back to Waitrose the following week.


- Work 50 hour weeks at Waitrose. Did absolutely NOTHING else.
- Tunnel collapsed in Gerrard's Cross. Was funny, because now they can't build their stupid Tesco there. Is less funny, because now cannot get train to London without driving to Denham or Amersham.


- Dad got new job, where they pay him stupid amounts of money just to fly around the world criticising how other people build buildings. He is going to Milan next week, then straight to Istanbul (which he thinks is in Greece).

- (This is the best bit.) Got GIVEN new car by parents. Is SEXY new black Mini, with silver and black Union Jack on top and two fat silver stripes on the bonnet. Technically is to share with sisters, but since neither of them can drive, is effectively MINE. It is actually the sexiest car EVER. Photos will follow. :D

- Got sick this week, which badly cut into Mini posing time. Going to work in an hour. Am trying to download music from iTunes, which is possibly the slowest process known to man.

And that's about everything. I have done literally nothing this entire holiday, except work. Wait, that's a lie. I did go to the cinema. Once. I hope everyone else is having a nice holiday. ^_^ Will update properly in another three months.

Now am going to stare out of window at car. :D
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