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All the leaves are brown, and the skies are grey

Gold medal in the Snwod Olympics this week goes to Sainsbury's. Because I am lame and unoriginal, I am going to summarise my day in Haikus, a la Rachel:

Today when I went
to Kidlington Sainsbury's
they told me to go

So apparently
the Hell Troll is a retard
and didn't tell me

that actually
I don't work there anymore
I drove home distressed

I have spent my day
yelling snwod at everyone
and going shopping.

My back is in pain
and I have two essays due
and now no income

so my mood is poor
and I'm going to lie down.
Wake me up and die.

Hmm, am distracted by the 'radio' option on iTunes. Been listening to Japan-A-Radio (bad theme tunes from a station in Orlando), 8BallRadio, Dainbramage and Indie Pop Rocks! (that exclamation mark has nothing to do with me). Shitty radio. Beginning to piss me off.

I must be fantastically irritable this afternoon, because the constant hammering on Flat Bitch's door by my window is DRIVING ME SLOWLY INSANE. Loud retards crashing round making incoherent baboon noises at eachother. How anyone can reach adulthood and still sound like uneducated twelve-year-olds after sniffing glue when they open their mouths perplexes me. What the bloody hell do they think they sound like?!


If one more person knocks on that door I am going to climb out my window and KILL THEM ALL
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I can help you kill them, I'm good at killing people a good helper :D
How lovely, thank you. :D If you could bring anything sharp you might have with you, that'd be grand.
My little sister
she is unoriginal
I did haiku first
My elder sister
has such severe snwod
that she fell over.

I laugh at her corpse
as people tread on it lots
to grind down her bones.
You have no elder
sister due to the fact that
you were adopted
Hey that is not true
I know where I was conceived
in a Spud-u-Like!