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Zombie Quest, Brookes Buses and love

Today wasn't a bad Wednesday.

It was the first one without Yorkshire Chris, which was quite sad. : ( But Michael was a lot friendlier than usual - we spent the last hour talking about cars and how to break into them, including which bits were worth the most to steal and sell. Ryan and I played The String Game again (where you get a bit of string and arrange it in a shape which the other person has to guess. Like Pictionary. With string), Phil and I argued about how long the counter was, and the day was generally peaceful due to lack of Hell Troll.

My Kidlington bus pulled up at the bus stop right behind the U1 this evening, just as Maria and Daniel got off it, which was quite freaky timing. Nobody else seemed to find it particularly spooky though. But I did. -_-

In other news, ZOMBIE QUEST.

On Friday morning in Japanese Society lecture, I shall be making a list of everyone who wants to come and celebrate my birthday at the Resident Evil Mansion with a game of Zombie Quest. Anybody in Oxford on Thursday 5th May is welcome to join in. >:D

In more other news, the Brookes Bus Appreciation Society (i.e. me) has named its first excursion: U1 from Gipsy Lane to Harcourt Hill, and U5 from Harcourt Hill all the way to Wheatley. WITHOUT GETTING OFF. Except to change, obviously. We shall eat picnic food, sing songs of love and cherish the Brookes buses whilst they're still free.

Obviously this will be phenomenally FUN and you will all want to come with me.

I know there is something to hand in for Authorship module tomorrow. I wouldn't know what, naturally, but I'm fairly confident no one else does either, so I shan't let it bother me. I think I'll just go shopping in the morning instead...
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