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Things of Note

"Oh goody!" came the cries from Ria's friends list as yet another update appeared in her journal. "What wonderful things does our dear, precious Ria deign to bless us with the knowledge of now?"

Firstly, Ria commands that all and sundry (well, anyone who can vote) go and do this quiz, which is incredibly quick and actually quite clever.

Secondly, Ria has decided what to have on the back of her Morrell Hall hoody - 'RIA'. And the number '4'. :P

Thirdly, Ria has made another of her thrilling Things of Note entries. She invites others to remind her of things she has missed, but knows that in her magnificance, there will not be many errors.

Sunday 24th: Kaiser Chiefs
Monday 25th: Japanese Oral
Tuesday 26th: Kanji & Listening Test
Wednesday 27th: Work
Thursday 28th: Went home, pm
Friday 29th: Creative Writing chapter due in.
Saturday 30th: Penultimate Day of Work!

Sunday 1st: Maria's birthday.
Monday 2nd: ...?
Tuesday 3rd: ...?
Wednesday 4th: Last day at Sainsbury's EVAH.
Thursday 5th: ZOMBIE HUNTING
Friday 6th: My birthday.
Saturday 7th: Home party.
Sunday 8th: ...? *
Monday 9th: ...?
Tuesday 10th: BEACONSFIELD FAIR.**
Wednesday 11th: Recovery.

Then Ria believes she has some tiresome exams which she doesn't much fancy sitting, but will probably end up doing anyway.

*Possibly visiting Mary?
**Anybody who wants to come and experience the JOY that is Beaconsfield Fair, come let Ria know. :D
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