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I have FEAR.

I don't want to go to my Oral. ;_; Last time I did a Japanese oral, I instantly forgot every single word I knew, and had to keep saying things like "okay" in a Japanese accent to try and pad out the conversation.

I have decided that I am going to do the Taxi role play. If I can't do the Taxi one, then I'm going to be sick everywhere and ask to do it later, because I certainly can't do any of the other ones.


In other news - The Adventures of

Chris turned up in my flat at about 4pm, and we spent two hours writing five sentences in Japanese, before wandering off to the far beautifier Cheney Student Villiage, which looks like some sort of hotel holiday resort, as opposed to Morrell Hall (where we live) which looks like a thirty year old plague of dirty two-storey sheds.

We visited Karlie, who gave us banana Pocky, then ran around Cheney like idiots screaming "SNWOD" into people's intercoms. It was funneh. Then we walked over the Magical Bridge and visited the Magical Place, which is where the Resident Evil Mansion is. Chris and I fed the ducks Pocky, which they seemed to like.

Anyway, we eventually ended up in Morals bar, where we drank until Kevin, Emily and Amy came, followed by Graham, then Maria and Daniel (who I was very pleased to see). Then Amy, Emily and I went to see if the ducks were there, and we ended up trying to break into the Resident Evil mansion. It was fun. :D

We dropped Amy off in Cheney and checked on Karlie again, who STILL hadn't started her Japanese Society essay (which is now three days late). She wouldn't let us in, so we went to spy on the Kaiser Chiefs, who were about thirty metres away in the Student Union.

I nearly WET myself it was so cool. We stood by the tour bus, and there were two black Range Rovers, another big black car, and a shiny Porsche, all parked by the back entrance to the SU. Walked past four times trying to look inconspicuous (Emily wouldn't go up to them with me :P) and we're CERTAIN we either saw Ricky and Nick, or two guys from one of the support bands.


After spying on the Kaiser Chiefs, we went back to Morals, where in a very short space of time, Kevin (who is Emily's boyfriend) had become very, very drunk. Chris made him go to the bar to get a pen. He fell over. >:D Came back to flat and watched Billy Elliot.

Then couldn't sleep, so I re-read some random stories on Fubar-chan, until suddenly it was 3.30am, and I thought I should make some sort of effort to sleep before oral today.

Which is in 45 minutes.



ORAL IS OVER!! And it went considerably better than I thought it would. ^_^ Relief! Now I hungry.
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