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"They have the Ainu, you have the Celts."


Went to 9am Japanese Society lecture for the second week running. Chris did his 'poke Ria in case you're hallucinating' poking again. Ha haaa haaaa! That will cease to be neccessary sooon, my friend!

Sat next to Emily, who insists on sitting on the Evil Hard Bench right at the top of the room, which is incredibly hard and narrow. I hate that bench. This week Chris decided to grace us with his presence too, and for some reason a bunch of other people did too. Including Graham, when he randomly appeared some time after the lecture had started.

Handed Big Essay in during the 'break', and took the opportunity to escape. There was no sign of Karlie when I left, so don't know what happened there yet. o_o

Then I came home and washed my hair, which I would have done this morning had I not had Stupid Mitch to attend to. Then Maria MSNed me from three metres across the landing to ask if I wanted cake. Of COURSE I wanted cake.

What else can I make pink and hyperlinky?

Mum is at a conference in Blenheim Palace today, so she's bunking off the afternoon session to come and have lunch with Snwod Head and I. Hurrah for lunch! :D

Tomorrow is my second-to-last Saturday at Sainsbury's. Thank god. ;_; The only people I will miss are Ryan, Chris, Emma and Jenny. And possibly some of the other old women. And Keith! But that's it. I sure as hell won't miss Creepy Nigerian Guy, Stunted Ian or "I shagged some birds" Phil. And I will never EVER regret not seeing the Helen Palmer Hell Troll again in my life.

Rachel came back from Germany yesterday afternoon, so, being the amazing and generous sister I am, I cooked her dinner. We had chicken and pasta, then watched the last two episodes of Father Ted. I really, really love Father Ted.

Run out of hyperlinks now. Here is my favourite Bodger & Badger come to Playground photo. >:D
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