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Popey wopey

Happy Birthday caylithe! <3

Huge love and hugs and kisses to my favourite pile of nightsoil. ^_^


Benedict XVI. Hurrah, why not?

All of this Popeness has made me want to learn Italian. Mamma Mia! Giovanni Paolo Secondi. Dolcelatte. Desidero il cioccolato!

Man on telly = BUUUH!! With regards to permitting the use of contraception re: Aids; "The new Pope is clever enough to distinguish between the use of condoms to prevent the creation of life and their use in the prevention of death".

...WTF!? As far as the Catholic Church is concerned, you don't have sex unless you're married and happy to get pregnant. So if people are happily married and want to get pregant, then they're not going to be using condoms, are they? In what possible circumstance could a real hardcore Catholic have any use for a condom?

"If they have Aids," says the man on the telly. Ria says "BUUUH!!!" again. If you've got Aids and you're an orthodox Catholic, you don't have sex! Campaigning for the Pope to permit contraception on the grounds that millions of people are dying just because they want to have sex is utterly senseless. Either you pick a different religion, or you bloody well stop having sex!

It's like me saying "I am Jewish. But I like to go out on Fridays to worship Jesus and eat pork chops." Okay, so its a little crude, but still. You can't tell the leader of a religion that he has to change one of its most basic and fundmental rules because people aren't obeying it. Have these people never seen Super Nanny?! You need to find a way to enforce the rules, not change them just to make it easier, otherwise you'll just end up with another watered-down has-been of a belief system. Like the Church of England. :P "Hey, join us! We have no rules!"

I can't quite put my finger on the point of this argument. I know its there, but I am being distracted by Welsh people on 'Property Ladder'.

Anyway, buona fortuna, Pope-chan.

Kanji test this afternoon sucked c--k. New kanji difficult. I spent SIX HOURS in the Library today, wandering round and round in circles, hiding in my carrell of doom, and looking for books with reference numbers that didn't exist. Stupid Jap Soc essay. Have chosen Joy Hendry book. Possibly good, possibly bloody stupid. Chris chose one too, so maybe more of the latter. :P Chris in bad books for today's comment "I just forgot your name. So I had to call you 'woman'!".
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