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Pain, pain, pain

My good friend The Christmas Throat Ache is visiting at the moment, so I have quarantined myself to the confines of my slightly untidy bedroom. I am currently dressed as Pikachu, and I am sitting in my bed, enjoying the convinience of wireless internet access and marvelling at the wonder that is double glazing.

Double glazing is my friend. This morning I was totally unaware that there was an extremely unpleasant car crash just up the road in front of Proxy (which in now missing its roadside barrier). This evening I am totally unaware that it is cold outside. I haven't even turned my AC off yet. Mostly because I don't want to clean it.

Besieged by one of my least favourite illnesses after tooth and ear-ache, I have spent the last several hours re-watching the second series of the American Office. This productive use of my time will go unpunished, since tomorrow is a National Holiday in Japan, and I do not need to go to school. Japan has a ridiculous amount of random and seemingly unneccessary holidays. Coincidentally, it is also Thanksgiving tomorrow, which means I have to spent all morning making paper hats for everyone.

Obviously I am not American, and thus am largely unfamiliar with what Thanksgiving actually entails. Having spoken at length to my American counterparts, I have discerned that is in a festival that celebrates the rape and pillage of their great continent and the glorious culling of the American Indian people. In today's America, families and friends gather to eat as much food as is humanly possible, and then they drink until everyone is sick or dead.

Tomorrow, the American boys are waking up at 5.30am to do something called 'tail-gating'.

I have no idea how that is spelled. In England, tail-gating is when you drive dangerously close to the car in front of you to try and make it go faster. I do it on the motorway when some gaylord is doing 65 in the fast lane in his £500 POS and I want to do 110 up a hill, humming along with the beautiful purr of the petrol-guzzling BMW engine beneath my bonnet. (I will actually HUG and KISS my car when I get home.)

Tail-gating in America is where they (boys) wake up before sunrise on the day of a big sports match, and start drinking. They drink all morning, and all afternoon, then they watch the match, then they drink more and more until they all pass out.

I am looking forward to this spectacle.

After having a lovely lie-in, I am going to borrow someone's bike and go to the 100 Yen store, where I will buy lots of paper and glue for the hats. Originally, we were going to try and make Thanksgiving dinner on the BBQ, but it turns out we don't actually have a BBQ, or an oven, so everyone just has to cook their own dinner and give thanks for their free hats instead.

What else has happened worthy of note? Oh, because of the big earthquake in Hokkaido (which was practically in Russia and didn't affect us in the least), the University decided it was time they took us back to Toyota, so we could all have a turn in the earthquake simulator. At least this ought to be fun. Well, it will be fun if they don't warn us when the earthquake will happen. I will let you know after Saturday what is was actually like, but here is how I WANT it to be:

I want to be herded into a waiting room with a few other people, preferrably people I like. I want them to leave us in there chatting, drawing pictures or reading newspapers or something, while we wait for our turn. Then I want a BIG earthquake to happen without any warning whatsoever, with lots of screaming and blackouts and terrifying noises. I want at least one of my friends to wet themself. And someone has to fall over, even if it's me. That would be cool. >:D

I sent home some DVDs of my trip to Hiroshima. Despite what other people would have you believe, I was an EXCELLENT group leader. Apart from one or two small incidents, like accidentally getting on a ferry and leaving Anna behind. And I may have got a concussion from walking into a stone wall in a castle. It was very, very painful and extremely disorienting, and it didn't help that people kept asking me difficult questions. I geniunely forgot what day it was, and it hadn't been a very interesting castle, so I don't think it was fair they thought it odd of me to forget where I was.

I need the toilet now, then I'm going to bed.
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