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Halloween, CSI and this is why I'm always tired.

Ooh Aah!

Today started off very badly, with the Kanji shiken of Doom.

Then it got better, with such high points as discussing Poo Checks with Kayo and Tomi, being 'voted' group leader for the Hiroshima trip this weekend and talking to Chris.

Then it got HILARIOUS, upon the discovery of 'What Makes The Desert Beautiful'.

'What Makes The Desert Beautiful' is a page dedicated to CSI's Nick and Greg, and their pursuit to make babies. Together. I have literally spent the last few hours rolling round the floor of my room in fits of hysterical glee, thanks to such inspired videos as 'Milkshake'. Genius. Having spent earlier hours of the evening rediscovering Podd, I am in a very hyperactive mood now. Sadly it is nearly 2am, and I have nowhere to vent this frenzy. Nidhi listened to my insane cackling for a spell, before sensibly retreating to her room, and Scott wouldn't even unlock his door, despite bribes of cheese.

Well, I've calmed down a little now.


I /wish/ I'd bothered to find the Image Composer discs before I left. I have nothing with which to create beautiful new icons of Nick and Greg.

In other news, since Lana mangled read my 'To Kill A Mockingbird' and returned it to me, I started to read it again. I had forgotten how much I absolutely adore it. It would be sensible now to go to bed and enjoy it some more, but I would much rather sit here and embark on some sort of deranged spree of internet abuse.

And it is only 40 days til I go home for Christmassssssssssss!!

On a serious note, I offer here my sincerest apologies to Karlie, who is having some difficulties on the going home front. :-( I, however, had resolutely decided long before I got here that I would be flying home for Christmas, and I am literally counting the days. I'm sure I've said it before - I'm not wishing my time here away or anything - but I'm not even lying when I say I'm already packing. I even chose an outfit, although this is subject to change.


To compound my hyperactivity, I am listening to Gina G. Had a mild outburst of Tourettes earlier in the corridor, which was most antisocial of me. Apologies to anyone I woke up. (Except Scott, who deserves pain.)

OOOOH I haven't even mentioned the Halloween Party yet!!

The Halloween party was on November 2nd. We started out in I House, which we decorated with pumpkins, skeletons, streamers and other random and festive crap. I was Pikachu (5000yen well spent!), Elliot was a pirate, Scott was a Japanese high school boy, Dominic was a high school girl, Dan and Patto were zombies, Nidhi wore a kimono, Katie was a slutty butterfly, Lana was an angel, Mel was Dead Trixie, Kayo was a Hawaiian, Chie was Chie, Anna was a maid, Joe was Wolverine, Rachael was Powerpuff Girl Bubbles and there were many other people I lack the energy to recall.

Making Dead Trixie's costume was awesome fun. I was in charge of burning holes in it, then we drove over the shirt with Patto's bike and attacked it with a knife and blood from Zombie Dan. I tried burning Dan's blazer, but it smelled horrible and they took my lighter away.

SO, we all mooned around in the genkan and everybody drank too much. When everyone in I House drinks too much, someone suggests we go to The Hill. The Hill is a Buddhist graveyard on top of a ridiculously steep hill behind the University. So, off we went to The Hill.

Elliot the RIDICULOUSLY inebriated pirate refused to put his shoes on, and forgot how to speak English, and was spilling the mug of beer he decided to bring with him instead of footwear all over me. It wasn't long after 10pm, but it's pitch black in Japan after 5pm, so it felt later. We finally made it up The Hill, where a bunch of people including Hello Kitty, a tall French transvestite and an Australian boy in a Cat Maid costume were already stumbling round in a stupor.

Elliot entertained the crowds, and I realised there was zombie blood all up Pikachu's left side. When Elliot started to fall over, somewhere around 11pm, I decided it was time to take him home. I noticed Scott lying very still on a table, and asked him if he wanted to come too. Scott nodded and tried to stand, but threw up violently all down Pikachu's leg instead.

Covered in blood and now sick, I dragged Scott to the girl's bathroom, where he was sick more. And here began the really fun part of the night. Thankfully Patto the Zombie was just as sober as Pikachu, and we eventually managed to make Scott stand up and leave the bathroom. We got him all the way down The Hill, only to be confronting by the Police.

The Police in Japan are a special breed of pig. The already had some gaijin-shaped humans in the back of their pig-mobile, and Patto and I didn't much fancy explaining to the super-fuzz what Pikachu and a Zombie were doing dragging a corpse down The Hill in the middle of the night. So we did what any sensible gaijin wandering round after dark without their alien registration cards would do - ran away.

We dragged Dead Scott all the way back up The Hill, past the castle, all the way behind University and back round to I House, stopping several times for Scott to heave in the bushes. The whole way home Patto and I were chatting inanely to keep Scott concious, and the whole time we were talking all we could hear from him was "Ehh... ehh... I feel sick... shhhh...".

The next afternoon (when we woke up) Scott declared he remembered very little of it, but never wanted to drink again.

Ahhh, what japes.

And that was the Halloween Party. Next on the list of Fun Things is the Hiroshima field trip, which begins at some obscene time in the morning on Friday. Apparently my duties as group leader involve making sure my group are awake in time, don't die at any point on the trip, and don't get lost. Fab! I'm super responsible. :D

Oopsy, gone 2am. Technically don't have to get up til late though. I have Language Lounge at lunchtime, then will dedicate the whole afternoon to revising for my big test on Wednesday. Hooray! I love tests! Ha ha haaa!!

Update on my unrequited love: nothing happening there. Have given up and am holding out for the new people arriving in March. There is a fair chance that at least ONE of the new people won't fall in love with one of my best friends instead of me. Having said that, there is also a fair chance that they'll all be mingers and I won't want anything to do with them. Ha. This is more likely.

Off to bed now. Soon.
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Is the pikachu costume still... um... usable? We need to terrorise Waitrose when you come home! >:D

And, omg. You are the most deformed child ever. X'D I never got into such trouble on Weiberfastnacht and Karneval combined... Or even the last time I went drinking with Esther. XD

I can't wait to visit you... Oh, and for you to come home, of course. But mostly I can't wait to visit you. >:D
Yes, Pikachu somehow survived. He's lying in a sicky heap on my floor waiting to be washed now. This is somewhat gruesome desu ne? I wasn't planning on bringing him home though - he is my winter pajamas!!

Bwah ha ha, trouble is fun. I SO can't wait for you to visit either! It's going to be ridiculously cool... you need Facebook so you can see some photos of me as Pikachu!

BWAH HA HAAAA 38 days til I'm home! :D <3
Snwodlove! I have missed your updates. You must refriend my new journal so I can read all of them :D

I have friended your journal! Most strange, don't my friends locked ones come up for you? :( I shall investigate! :D
hehehehehe that's FUNNEH!
I love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx