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What does a gay horse eat?

The only photo I have actually got around to putting up is one of the Baby (my little sister Rebecca). She is so cute and fluffy! Now she is staring at me from next to my laptop. Must put more up asap. I hope I remembered to pack the hilarious one of Rachel stuffing what looks like ten chocolate muffins into her mouth.

'Take On Me' started playing on iTunes, and when it gets to the really good bit near the end when it's just my sexy husband hammering away at his keyboard, I really missed Vicky. Vicky and I saw A-Ha twice, last time it was at the Docklands Motor Show, and they were so good... We recorded loads of songs with Vicky's phone, which we played later, only to discover they were virtually inaudible. Possibly because I was waving it around and miaowing at everyone.

So today was quite good. We all got on a bus to Nisshin City Hall to register as Aliens. Whilst there, we were entertained by middle-aged Japanese women and an incredibly friendly little man, who took about twenty photos of us, then gave us free pencils. It was funny. He kept saying he loved English people, and this irritating American guy I dislike looked really annoyed. (I don't know why I don't like this guy, but everything about him makes me want to lash out at his face with something. Like my fist. Or a plank of wood.)

This afternoon Katie and I played around on the internet in my room for ages, trying to look at flights for Christmas. We achieved success after several hours, and on Saturday we're going to buy our tickets at the airport. Only 14 weeks til I come home! :D Yaaay! I love Japan and everything, but I just can't wait to be back at home. And I need vegetables. Urgently. It's like being in America - nobody eats bloody vegetables!

This evening a group of us congregated in the kitchen nearest me, and sat around for four and a half hours discussing the most banal yet entertaining things. Andy (who is American, and at first seemed a little standoffish and scary, but is actually very funny and nice), convinced Elliot that it was ok to eat human flesh, and we all discussed the pros and cons of cannibalism. It was funneh. Fishman (also American) told a hilarious story about the first time he came to Japan, and they got him incredibly drunk and left him alone by a river, and he fell asleep on a bus. Some Japanese people had to carry him off it, and he threw up everywhere. ...Ok, that doesn't sound funny when you read it, but it was. Honestly!

There was much silliness. I ate some Piri something kanji FIRE something noodles, which were like super-hot Super Noodles. They were tasty. I also ate some chocolate and a bit of Elliot's giant apple. I also drank rather a lot of apple juice. Hopefully this counts as fibre?

Now I'm only going to get 7 hours sleep before tomorrow, so I'm going to go to bed. But not before mentioning Chris.

That is all. Ha ha haaaa!

(The answer to the subject line joke is - Ha~ay! But this is only funny if said in camp voice of greeting. Even then it's only a little funny. Hmm!)
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