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WHY, why, why...

Tonight, I mourn.

Obviously my fiancé-to-be is too devasted to comment, despite putting on his 'I'm so sexy, how could I care?' face. Our grief runs deep, like a scar across our souls.

Chelsea lost to Liverpool in the UEFA Cup semi-finals tonight. There are no words with which I can vocalise my distress. Even hurling abuse in high-pitched voices at all the players gave me no comfort. Perhaps most alarming was the fact that Rachel came to watch the game too - and by the end was actually paying attention - that is how monumentally crushing Chelsea losing is.

To avoid angering Karlie, I shall keep my "DIE, LIVERPOOL" rant to myself.

*die, Liverpool*

Magdalen Bridge is on the news again. "More than fifty people were hurt" this year. Ha ha ha ha! I would have been there throwing babies into the glass-strewn riverbed, but I was at home with my head in the toilet vomitting several gallons of brown filth all over the bathroom. :P It was gross and deeply distressing. The Faris's sympathetic remark? "Nooo! You're wearing my hairband!"

Oxford traditions are COOL. Less traditional, but still quite cool, were all the people lying in the road in red t-shirts today to try and stop AIDS. Perhaps just as an awareness-raising activity, since lying on the road hasn't yet been prooved to prevent venerial diseases.

Ugh, I can't make this update happy.

My evening is overshadowed by abject despair.

On the otherhand, it's my last day at work tomorrow, and it's my birthday on Friday, so things will probably start to look up on Thursday morning.
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