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"We spent £63 on bloody cheese."

Somehow managed to complete an entire semester's worth of work for the Authorship Module from Hell today, inside of three hours.

This comprised of writing the first chapter of an 80,000 word Crime Thriller Novel (my infamous piece of art about a man who runs round 2035's London massacring people with a shotgun), a Book Aquisition Pitch (whatever the hell that is), a proposal letter to a publishing house and a couple of synopses.


I should really wash my hair now. On this afternoon's Resident Evil Mansion sweep, Karlie thought it would be funny to massage fistfuls of dead grass into my hair. T_T All the way back to the flat I was shedding clumps of weed. The area surrounding my computer chair looks like the carpet under a moulting Christmas tree.

...I am distracted by The Dears, who are performing possibly the most awful song I have ever heard on television. Jonathan Ross: "Wow(!)"

I've been left all by myself this evening. Maria and Daniel have gone home, Pietro's gone to London for the weekend to have sex with his brother, and even the Irish Hellbeast has snwodded off somewhere. Perhaps I will use this rare opportunity to tidy the FILTHY kitchen.

Or not.

I might go and see if Maria has left any food for me to eat in the fridge.

This is why I hate vegetarians! All my inconsiderate snwodmates have left in the flat is vegetables. >:| Probably deliberately because they aren't here to monitor my eating. I mourn the lack of microwavable foodstuffs! I crave MEAT. Not carrot or brocolli. Not even eyeballskiwi fruits!

I have three frozen chips left. I have put the oven on.
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